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Outdoor Movie Screening
  • giolenaki

Medfest 2021 Dreams and Reality

What is a dream?

What is reality?

Are you sure

you can tell apart?



Eli - Nate Milton

A true story within the realms of High Strangeness, Magical Thinking and Manic Delusion.

Memorable - Bruno Collet

A painter named Louis and his wife Michelle, have been experiencing strange events. The universe around them seems to be changing. Slowly, furniture, objects, and people lose their realism.

But Milk is Important - Eirik Gronmo Bjornsen and Anna Mantzaris A man with social anxiety gets followed by a naive and clumsy creature. Terrified the man tries to escape, unaware that the creature is actually a helper with slightly unconventional methods...

Born in Battle - Yangzom Brauen

A boy who struggles with his past as a child soldier escapes into his dream world only to be caught up in a nightmare where he has to make a choice over life and death.

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